Balboa Fun Zone

  The name says it all The Balboa Fun Zone, a three block area between the Balboa Island Ferry landing and the Balboa Pavilion originally dedicated in 1936, has provided ...


Bal Week

“Bal Week” was a spring break tradition that took place on the Balboa Peninsula from the late 1920s until the late 1960s. High school and college students from all over ...


Sister Cities visit

In 1956, President Eisenhower initiated the “People to People Program” as a diplomatic alternative to the wars that he experienced as a soldier. The People to People Program offers both ...

The Beauty of Newport Beach

Growing up in Newport Beach has been both a blessing and a privilege. The beautiful sunsets each day accompanied by a brilliant, sparkling ocean is one thing that I believe makes this world so much brighter. To me, it is the eighth wonder of the world. As a younger kid, I’ve always wondered why my […]

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Sunday Beach Days

Growing up in Newport Beach has been a true privilege. Wherever you may venture, there is always something interesting to do or discover. I moved to Newport Beach when I was just over a year old. It is the only place I have ever called home, and Newport Beach holds almost all of my fondest […]

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Growing Up in Newport

I met my husband when we were in high school- he went to Newport Harbor, and I attended CdM. As two teenagers in the late 80s, we spent a great deal of time down at the Fun Zone-pretty much every time we went out, we would wind up down there!  To us, it was hours of cheap […]

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Big Corona & Boogieboarding

Growing up in the Port streets included trips to Big Corona throughout the week.  My Mom would take my sister and me down after school on occasion and my Dad would take us on the weekends or early on summer week days before he left for work.  As a family, we would go down at […]

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Summer Reading Memories

Newport being a beach town, of course I have wonderful memories of times spent at the ocean with my family and friends.  However, my favorite memories growing up in Newport center around one place:  the Mariners Branch Library.  Because the branch is  accessible by bike or by foot down quiet residential streets it was, and […]

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14th Street Beach Time

Thinking back to growing up in Newport Beach, I immediately think of carefree, warm, lazy, summer days which were usually spent at 14th Street down at the beach.  It was never very difficult to twist my mom’s arm into packing up tuna fish sandwiches made on wonder bread and a thermos full of cold lemonade […]

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4th of July

Forty years ago, the Fourth of July on Balboa Island was like stepping into Dante’s Inferno: all smoke and flames and wondering whether the showering sparks were gonna set anyone’s boat cover on fire.   We used to spend each July 4th at my grandparents’ little house right where Opal and Collins come together.  My […]

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An entrance/exit to the cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. July, 2013. Courtesy of Niu family.

Road trip: Celine Niu

We have always wanted to beat our record of driving from California to Washington D.C. and back. One night while my family and I were eating our dinner, my parents announced something so incredibly special to me. Next Tuesday, we were going to drive all the way to Maine and back!

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Balboa Peninsula arcade

Kari Vorwerk

Kari Vorwerk spent many Summer days during her teen years in Newport Beach: on 29th Street and on Balboa Island. Here she shares some memories in response to our Kids These Days interview questionnaire: “Many of my “lazy days of summer” were spent going to Newport Beach for the entire day. Packing some snacks, the radio, and having a few dollars for my friends and I to get Carl’s Jr or food on the Boardwalk during our day at the beach…”

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Daren McGavren's Senior picture, 1941

Daren McGavren

Daren McGavren grew up in Newport Beach in the 1930s and 40s. He vividly recalls his high school years–including dancing the Balboa Shuffle at the Rendezvous Ballroom and holiday weeks on the Peninsula.

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