Welcome to our local history teen project, ‘Kids these days: growing up in Newport Beach’.

Our goal was to create a digital resource that captures aspects of the teenage experience in Newport Beach, California, from the City’s early days to current times. We welcome contributions from the community that will help us tell a more complete story about life in our ocean side city. If you have a story or photos you’d like to share and/or you’d be interested in being interviewed, please let us know.

Many of the photographs on the site come from files given to the Newport Beach Public Library by the Daily Pilot newspaper. We’ve labeled those photos with the information available to us; when no information was available we have left the caption blank. The Daily Pilot files are not currently accessible to the public but if you have questions, or if you have information about a photo, please us the link above to contact us.

Thank you to those Newport Beach residents who have shared their photos and stories with us. We hope more Newport Beach residents, current or former, will be inspired to share as well.

To our visitors: we hope you enjoy the site. We have photos, stories, and articles, as well as links to other sites of interest to Newport Beach history enthusiasts.

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